hossein arnis azaranrazm
hossein arnis azaranrazm


Azaranrazm history

Appearance of Azaranrazm, can be called since 2000 in Networking Channels. Azaranrazm is a quiet combination of Martial Arts and Gymnastics. Actually, Azaranrazm's appearance started from cyberspace; as different martial arts' champions set out a new wave in Martial Arts by posting out videos of themselves and creating new movements. And they introduced this new wave in cyberspace, and the population of people in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other networking channels increased over time.
Azaranrazm philosophy didn't form via a thought, it definitely shaped via a great wave of young generation thoughts who wanted something higher than the classic and old Martial Arts. Various websites were created by enthusiasts for this sport over time. People started to post didactic videos and create more new movements (tricks). In the meantime, the enthusiasts gathered together and led this sport to be more popular via holding different gatherings around the world and sharing technical information. Well, this sport was introduced and is known publicly around the world and is greatly popular among teenagers in less than 15 years.
Then, in the gatherings that were held by the enthusiasts, a name was chosen for the sport, "Extreme Martial Arts Azaranrazm" (in short "Azaranrazm") which means the maximum of profession in martial arts. Azaranrazm is intrinsically freestyle; either in case of movements or in case of introduction. This is why Azaranrazm is introduced with different suffixes or prefixes which all have a meaning from "extreme" and "excite" such as:

▪ Adrenaline Azaranrazm
▪ Hyper Azaranrazm
▪ Azaranrazm
▪ Freestyle Azaranrazm
▪ Martial arts Azaranrazm
▪ Kick it Azaranrazm
▪ Kicking Azaranrazm
▪ Battling Azaranrazm
▪ Weapons Azaranrazm

And so on. Iran is the first country that could hold national competitions in Azaranrazm fields and organize Azaranrazm for the first time around the world. Then Hossein Ezzati and Nahid Azizi organized and founded Azaranrazm around the world, and Azaranrazm is formed like its todays shape. These two people are one of important people in Azaranrazm. Iran has a critical role in the foundation and organization of Azaranrazm in the world.

hossein arnis azaranrazm