hossein arnis azaranrazm
hossein arnis azaranrazm



Master Hossein Ezzati is the founder of the new martial arts style of Azaran Razm in 2011, it was registered globally with the approval of the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the Martial Sports Federation in 2015. So that this sport style has been welcomed in 32 countries and these countries have also started their activities in this field. In foreign countries, this sport is known as IFAR organization and federation.


Dr.Hossein Ezzati was born in 1982 in Ahar city of East Azarbaijan province. He started his sports career in boxing at the age of seven, and after this field, And after this field, by working in the fields of kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, wrestling, full contact, Kung Fu, he succeeded in receiving the Dan6 kickboxing and Khan 13 IFMA muay thai.,After winning the title of champion in provincial, national and international martial arts competitions, in most martial and non-martial disciplines, he has succeeded in obtaining a 1, 2, 3 and international grad < A > coaching and refereeing certificate.


Founder and head of Azaran Razm International Style .IFAR Senior international expert in the organizations in Trustee of the Olympic Movement Activities in Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines


Has a PhD in physical education management. Has a master's degree in strategic management in sports organizations Have a TOEFL certificate Proficient in English, Turkish, Azeri and Persian


1) The head of the ARNIS committee of Iran under the supervision of martial sports federations from 2016 until now
2) The plenipotentiary representative of ARNIS Iran, the chairman of the Middle East, Eastern European countries committee elected by the ARNIS World Federation and the National Olympic Committee of the Philippines
3) Founder and head of Azaran Razm World Martial Arts since 2011
4) Secretary of the Supreme Technical Council of the Federation of Martial Sports Associations in 2021
5) Selection as executive secretary and senior member of the ARNIS World Federation and member of the executive staff of the ARNIS Committee in the Southeast Asian Games " C Games".
6) Senior international expert in the organizations in Trustee of the Olympic Movement
7) Founder and President of the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Organization and Federation (WEKAF) and (IFAR) in the Republic of Azerbaijan
hossein arnis azaranrazm